Our Mission Statement

The entire focus and purpose of my agency (now in its 25th year) is to first help you comprehend life insurance in easily understood terms, and then to assist you in buying it at the lowest possible cost. Buying life insurance boils down to 3 simple questions: 1. How much do I need? (7 to 10 times yearly income is a good rule of thumb) 2. How long do I need it? (10, 20, 30 years...or for life?) 3. What can I afford? (the most important question...it may change answers to 1 & 2).

How your quotes are generated.

I have advanced software, updated twice each month, that identifies the lowest rates available for the type of coverage you are seeking. It then factors in your health history to determine the best company for your situation, since companies can vary greatly in their underwriting criteria. That information is then carefully analyzed to offer you the lowest possible quote.

Thanks for visiting!

Please feel free to call me Toll-Free or to send an e-mail at anytime. You can reach me by phone and e-mail 7 days a week. I look forward to earning and maintaining your trust, and meeting your needs as an existing or future client for many years to come. Thanks for allowing me to serve your life insurance needs. Sincerely...Syd Rogers